Compact Trough Drinker 100 cm in Stainless Steel

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  • Compact trough drinker for wall fixation, sufficient for 15 – 20 animals
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Water flow of up to 40 l/min permits a continual and efficient watering of the animals
  • ¾" male connection, possible from right or left hand side
  • With drainage for quick evacuation (55 cm = 1¼", 100 cm = Ø 50 mm)
  • Contents 30 l (55 cm), 60 l (100 cm)

Options for Frost Protection

Heating element 24 V, for installation under the trough

  • Heating element 24 V, 180 W (Ref. 131.6059), with heating spiral 24 V, 180 W
  • Easy fixation under the trough
  • Frost protection down to -20°C
  • To ensure a frost-free feed pipe, a frost protection heating cable 24 V, 20 W, 2 m (Ref. 101.0861), or a 24 V, 30 W, 3 m (Ref. 101.1863) has to be used. This heating cable is connected parallel to the heating spiral of the heating element. Plastic pipes have to be wrapped first with an aluminium adhesive tape.
  • For extremely cold areas a valve heating (24 V, 7 W, 131.0527) is recommended for increased frost protection.
  • For power supply a SUEVIA transformer 230/24 V is necessary. For automatic switch on/off of transformer a thermostat (Ref. 101.0389) can be additionally installed.

Connection to a water circuit

  • ¾" circuit pipe in stainless steel (Ref. 131.6052) suited for installation. If connected to a water circuit and in combination with a SUEVIA heating unit, frost protection is reached for the water line as well as for the water in the trough.
  • For connection to a water circuit we recommend a SUEVIA heating unit.
max. 5 bar / 72,5 psi (high pressure)
Recommended for
calves, milk cows, cattle, cattle (with anti-suction ring)
Thread size
Yes (electric)
Suitable for circuit
Bowl material
stainless steel
Valve type
float valve
Valve material