Transformer 230/24 V, 200 W

  • The transformer has to be installed as close as possible to the drinking bowl, but out of reach of the animals. Connection is made to an 230 V plug socket. The transformer is transforming to 24 V AC.
  • Protection – IP44. Connected without AC plug through a junction box – IP54.
  • Highest security: short-circuit resistance (fine wire fuse) and overload protection( self-resetting temperature fuse). Completely encapsulated housing.

Design parameters:
  • Transformator-power ≥ sum of connected power
  • example: to a 400 W-transformer can be connected:
    • variant 1: 4x 80 W (Mod. 46) + 4x 20 W (frost protection heating cable 2 m)
    • variant 2: 5x 80 W (Mod. 41A)
    • variant 3: 2x 180 W (Mod. 41A-SIBIRIA)
  • A junction box is placed after the transformer, from whereof every drinking bowl is connected separately. A loop-through from drinking bowl to drinking bowl complicates troubleshooting.
  • Energy saving tips: Transformers should be switched on/off automatically by a thermostat (see below).
  • It is not allowed to overload a transformer. e.g. 440 W connected to a 400 W transformer, is not allowed!
  • Merging several transformers at secondary circuit (24 V) is not allowed!
  • If there are any unclear points or should you require additional information please consult your local dealer.