Valve Trough Drinker Mod. 480 connection from bottom

  • Valve Trough Drinker with valve cover, which can be opened without use of tools and for connection to a water circuit
  • Trough with one drinking place suited for 15 – 20 animals
  • With integrated connection to a water circuit 2 x ¾" male (Ref. 130.0480 = downwards, Ref. 130.0481 = upwards)
  • Subsequent installation of one heating element (Ref. 131.0528) possible
  • Ideal for cattle and dairy cows in free stalls – space-saving, self-cleaning design!
  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Water flow of up to 30 l/min permits a continual and efficient watering of the animals
  • Valve operation via large and smoothly running valve flap
  • Always fresh and clean water for your animals: due to water flow and special design of the bowl feed rests are flushed by the running water and drunk by the animals at the same time
  • Valve cover can be opened without use of tools for cleaning or service
  • Bowl covered towards the upper lip to prevent dirt entry
  • Suited for wall or pipe mounting
max. 5 bar / 72,5 psi (high pressure)
Recommended for
milk cows, cattle
Thread size
Yes (electric)
Bowl material
stainless steel
Valve type
Valve material