Heating unit HEATFLOW 6 kW 400 V, pump 400 W

  • Provides frost-protected water in insulated water circuits (¾" or 1" pipe)
  • The heating units of the HEATFLOW series are available with heating power from 3 to 12 kW and especially developped for large free stalls for cattle, horses, pigs and sheep. 4 different heating units are available (see list below).
  • The heating elements heat up a secondary water, which transfers the heat to the primary water. A maximum temperature of 40°C reduces the appearance of lime to a minimum. Therefore the HEATFLOW is especially developed for keeping circuit pipes with limy water frost-free!
  • With return flow temperature control: Desired temperature of return water flowis regulated by a sensor mounted on the return flow pipe. If return water flow temperature is lower than the adjusted value, the heating element will be automatically switched on.
  • Expandable: you can add another heating element to HEATFLOW units with one heating element. The heating power will then be doubled (e.g. 3+3 kW or 6+6 kW). For example if you extend your barn.
  • Equipped with a high-capacity circulation pump with stainless steel base (230 V, 400 W)
  • Water connections are hold in 1". For easy installation the HEATFLOW units are delivered with two armoured tubes.
  • The heating elements are equipped with an overheating protection (STC)
  • Scope of delivery includes vent-valve, pressure relief valve, non-return valve, and non-return flap
  • Two residual-current devices 30mA have to be provided by the customer. They serve to secure the pump and the heating element in a separated way.
Ref. Type Heating Power Pump Power Circuit Length (max.)
101.2203 Heating unit HEATFLOW 3 kW 3 kW (1x 3 kW) 400 W 250 m
101.2233 Heating unit HEATFLOW 3+3 kW 6 kW (2x 3 kW) 400 W 350 m
101.2206 Heating unit HEATFLOW 6 kW 6 kW (1x 6 kW) 400 W 350 m
101.2266 Heating unit HEATFLOW 6+6 kW 12 kW (2x 6 kW) 400 W 450 m
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