Drinking Bowl Mod. 1230-VA¾" integrated steel post, 60 cm

  • Robust Steel Post helps to protect drinking bowls against blows and impacts of bulls (or other animals). The force of jumping bulls is transferred to the post, preventing a crash of the drinking bowl.
  • Made of thick hot-galvanized steel
  • Bowl and valve out of stainless steel, drinking height 60 cm or 80 cm.
  • Drinking bowl builds one unit with integrated steel post
  • Mounting on a wall or on a post possible
  • Special holes are foreseen for installation between the gates, as well as for mounting of the heating element and of the circuit pipe.

Options for Frost Protection

Option 1: Connection to a Water Circuit

  • In combination with a SUEVIA connection set for ¾" water circuits in stainless steel, an easy integration into water circuits is possible. A perforated hole (on left or right side) is foreseen for installation of the circuit pipe. Circuit pipe is protected by the steel post against animals impacts.
  • Valve is frost-protected. Remaining water in the bowl may freeze.
  • For connection to a water circuit we recommend SUEVIA heating units

Option 2: Frost-free with heating set, feed pipe connection from below

  • To protect the valve and the bowl from freezing a Heating Set 24 V, 80 W is installed inaccessible for the animals inside of the steel post underneath the bowl of Mod. 1230-VA¾"
  • Valve and bowl are frost-protected.
  • To ensure a frost-free feed pipe, a frost protection heating cable 24 V, 20 W, 2 m (Ref. 101.0861), or a 24 V, 30 W, 3 m (Ref. 101.1863) has to be wrapped around the water pipe and connected to the transformer together with the heating element of the drinker. If plastic pipes are used, they must first be wrapped with an aluminium adhesive tape. All water line pipes must be insulated.
  • For power supply a SUEVIA Transformer 230/24 V is necessary. For automatic switch on/off of transformer a thermostat (Ref. 101.0389) can be additionally installed.
max. 5 bar / 72,5 psi (high pressure)
Recommended for
bulls (without nose ring), cattle
Thread size
Suitable for circuit
Bowl material
stainless steel
Valve type
tube valve
Valve material
stainless steel