Float valve update

The float valve Mod. 671 and its variants have been converted to a new valve generation. The relevant spare parts such as lever, float bottle and valve body are no longer available or only in very limited quantities. These spare parts can no longer be manufactured.

We therefore recommend replacing the valve completely when replacing one of the relevant spare parts. The old valve had a flow of up to 25 l/min, the new valves bring here a much higher flow of up to 35 l/min! The new valves also have a reinforced lever made of stainless steel.

In order to achieve the best possible properties, the replacement valves are available in different optimized versions adapted to the respective design of the drinkers.

You can find the matching replacement valves here:

131.0800 Float valve Mod. 800

The optimized float valve for WT200, WT400, WT600, WT1000 and WT1500.



131.0820 Float valve Mod. 820

The optimized float valve for:

  • Mod. 560 (130.0560)
  • Mod. 590 (130.0590)
  • older Tip-over troughs (130.5701, 130.5702, 130.5703 130.5711, 130.5712, 130.5713)
  • Mod. 671 (131.0671): the installation space of the Mod. 820 is almost the same here. However, there may be even more optimized valves, for example for pasture troughs it is Mod. 800 (131.0800)


131.0821 Float valve Mod. 821

The optimized float valve for our Mod. 513 (131.0513).



131.0822 Float valve Mod. 822

The optimized float valve for our Compact trough 45 cm (130.6137). Attention, depending on your version you may need a reduction, please note: "Schwimmerventil-Update.pdf".



131.0825 Float valve Mod. 825

With extra long thread (47 mm). The optimized float valve for:

  • older Thermoquell-variants:
    • Mod. 630 (130.0630 < 12.2010)
    • Mod. 640 (130.0640 < 11.2010)
    • Mod. 850 (130.0850 < 11.2010)
    • Mod. 860 (130.0860 < 11.2010)
  • WT80 (160.0102)


131.0678 Float valve Mod. 678

The optimized float valve for:

  • 160.0106 Mod. WT80-N (<1 bar)
  • 160.0280 Mod. FT80 (<1 bar)


Picture download

As a dealer you are welcome to download the pictures of the new float valves here: https://my.hidrive.com/share/zpuzz.92f0

The prices are already included in the current spare parts price list of 03.2022.