Mounting instructions

Please contact us and we will send you the required installation instructions.
Heating units operating instructions can be found below as a download.


Important information to avoid interferences:

  • Never operate your heating unit without water. Check that the circulation pump is running constantly before first startup of the unit and before each heating season.
  • The circulation pump must be bled.
  • Remember to decalcify your heating unit before each heating season and monthly during the operation. The higher the temperature is adjusted, the more lime deposits! These deposits have a negative impact on functioning and product life of the heating unit.
  • Decalcify your heating unit the heating season to prevent corrosion over the summer months.

Heating units: solutions to the most common questions

Heating element does not heat, water is not getting warm:

  • Main switch stands on - 0 - position
  • Plug of heating element is not connected
  • Residual current device (RCD) is activated
  • STB of the heating element is activated
  • Flow temperature did not yet fall below the adjusted temperature (at thermostat of the return water flow pipe)
  • Water circulation is interrupted
  • Heating element is out of order
  • Too long water circuit
  • Leakage in circuit
  • Too big water consumption
  • Too many drinking bowls are connected
  • Insulation is damaged
  • Check water flow direction of the non-return flap and of the pump
  • Security thermostat has trigged. Once the the flow temperature reached the fixed value of +40°C, the heating element turns off.

Pump is not running:

  • Main switch in - 0 - position
  • RCD protection switch is activated
  • Water circulation is interrupted
  • Pump is damaged
  • Air is in the pump

What to do if I don't have spare parts at hand or the power has failed?

Open a ball valve at the end of the ring line and lead the water into a drain. The water from the supply line (approx. 7°C "warm") now flows through the entire ring line and keeps it frost-free. Thus you can bridge some days until you receive the spare parts.

If you do not have an opening at the end of the ring line, you can alternatively place a stone in the last drinking bowl in the ring to permanently activate the valve.

Check that you have installed a check valve between the supply line and the drain ball valve. The check valve prevents the warm water from the supply line from taking the shortest route to the last drinker. Without the check valve, the entire ring would freeze because it would not be flowed through.

Heating unit manuals (please klick on the picture)