founded in 1923
SUEVIA means: the land of Suebs, region of world-renowned inventors
subsidiary in Reims, France


family-run in the 4th generation


180 employees
16 apprentices


760 kWp photovoltaic system
2.319 modules cover ⅓ of our needs


29.000 m² of area

nearly 100% in-house manufacturing
cast iron foundry
enameling plant
plastic coating
plastic injection moulding
plastic rotomoulding
turning shop
CNC milling
steel construction
stainless steel sheet processing (2 laser systems, expanded by 2.200 m² in 2020!)


lots of robots help us to optimize production
CNC maschines produce fully automated


worldwide export
more than 3.400 pallet spaces (2020: expanded by further 2.200 spaces!)